Small Screen, Big Opportunity:
How to Accelerate Mobile App User Acquisition

Mobile phone displaying multiple digital opportunities

Between listening to music, communicating, ordering food, purchasing travel tickets and more, mobile apps unlock access to innovation, ease, and insight. And the numbers don’t lie: 87% of smartphone users spend their mobile usage on apps, according to Techjury. As the market is inundated with new additions, marketers are recognizing the importance of utilizing mobile advertising, which can come with fierce competition, price surging, and algorithmic changes. So, how can app marketers ensure that they’re accelerating mobile user acquisition, while staying on budget? See our tips below.

Take Advantage of Performance Marketing

Email marketing; app store optimization; free trials and demos. As the mobile app ecosystem continues to thrive, app marketers are constantly presented with user acquisition channel choices. While paid advertising options are plentiful in the mobile user acquisition space, one approach proves to be reliable as it is adaptable: performance marketing. This form of advertising propels a positive return on ad spend, while allowing marketers to test creative, copy, and targeting capabilities to maximize conversions. Cost per install continues to be a traditional pricing model, while cost per engagement is also growing in popularity, providing insight into high-value user segments and increasing chances of engagement after install.

Broaden Your Media Sources

As the mobile app landscape evolves, marketplaces like the App store and Google Play store have become saturated with options, and it will only continue to increase. How do you set yourself apart from present and future competition, while remaining flexible to cost and budget changes? It all comes down to expanding your media sources. Opening your options beyond one single traffic source can facilitate communication with new audiences. Plus, having a more diversified mix helps maximize the chances that you’ll hit and exceed your KPI targets.

Leverage Advanced Targeting

Imagine this: You’ve invested heavily in understanding your best audience personas and tried reaching them on social media, only to find out that cost per click is prohibitively high, especially when you want to scale. By partnering with companies that own websites with first party data and advanced targeting capabilities, you can generate impactful results that combine precise targeting and economical pricing. FLEX has the ability to target by demographic, household income, whether they play mobile games, how often they shop online, and more, allowing you to reach your best performing audiences at a fraction of the cost of social and other channels.

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