Inbound Call Statistics Every Marketer Needs to Know

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Buying call transfers? How about $100 worth of free inbound calls from FLEX?
FLEX recently started generating inbound calls via our internal click-to-call SMS and push capabilities.

First, some stats on inbound calls. On average, they:

  • Close at 4-5 times the rate of outbound calls
  • Close at 15 times the rate of a web lead
  • Close 33 times faster than web leads

Pretty awesome. How does FLEX generate them?

Step 1a: TCPA compliant SMS subscribers are collected on FLEX’s O&O websites, along with up to 41 demographic and psychographic data points

Step 1b: FLEX also collects push subscribers on their O&O sites

Step 2: FLEX’s expert sending teams identify most relevant audience segments and send messages where the CTA is a phone number

Step 3: User reads the message and taps the phone number to initiate a call to your call center!

Want to give it a shot, for free? Connect with us here and mention this post to inquire about a $100 inbound call credit! *Terms apply.

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