3 Years in 3 Minutes:
Emma Parven’s Work Anniversary at FLEX

Rewind to Spring 2019 and Emma Parven joined FLEX as a Sales and Account Manager. Now, three years later, Emma has transitioned from her initial role to Senior Sales and Marketing Account Executive, and is now currently serving as Senior Director of Business Development. With her strong leadership and interpersonal skills, combined with her strategic business insight, Emma has represented FLEX across the globe, including London, Mexico, Thailand, and more, helping new and existing partners exceed their traffic and lead goals.

We took a minute out of Emma’s busy day to learn about her career evolution at FLEX, and what she finds most enjoyable about her job. Spoiler alert: Coffee is a non-negotiable.

Q: Do you remember your first day at FLEX? What was it like?

A: Vividly. I started in our former office space—also located in Columbus Circle. It was a very ‘startup’ atmosphere—buzzing with activity. On Day 1, I set up a FLEX Facebook and began to prospect. Signed up my first publisher that day and $5k prepaid advertiser EOW.

Q: What do you consider your biggest accomplishment since starting in 2019?

A: While I have surpassed many monetary milestones at FLEX which I am very proud of, I consider my biggest accomplishment to be making a solid name for myself in the industry.

Q: How have you seen your career evolve since starting at FLEX? How has the company encouraged your personal and professional growth?

A: I learn something new every week, which I love. Michael and Paul have always been highly encouraging. Their guidance and trust have allowed me to find my own sales style. On a larger scale— everyone at FLEX has had a pivotal role in my growth. The collaborative mindset and knowledge of each person has insurmountably skyrocketed my success.

Q: What’s your favorite aspect of your job?

A: A couple of things! I love all my co-workers. The family-like environment at FLEX is unmatched. I also love the diversity of my role. Things are always changing— no offer stays live forever. I find it thrilling knowing that and needing to stay hustling looking for the next best thing.

Q: Name one item that you’ll always find on your desk.

I’ll do one better and name three:

  1. Water
  2. Chapstick
  3. My second or third cup of half drank coffee that I just had to have.

Q: What is one thing you can’t make it through the workday without?

A: Coffee as a basic answer but…Music on! I can’t work in silence.

Q: Fill in the blank: On the weekends you can find me….

A: Gallivanting throughout the West Village.

Interested in learning how Emma Parven can help you generate high-quality traffic and leads? Email Emma here.

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