Want to Make the Most out of Display Advertising? Here’s How To Do It


Interested in testing first party display traffic? Want to get $100 in display ad credits from FLEX?

FLEX specializes in generating traffic through its robust display advertising capabilities.

So, what are the benefits of this tried-and-true digital marketing method?

On average, display ads provide:

  • Multi-screen and multi-channel engagement capabilities
  • Flexible pricing options (CPC vs. CPM)
  • Precise-targeting opportunities

So, how does FLEX generate their display traffic?

Step 1: FLEX buys traffic to their O&O sites which collectively have 2M monthly visitors

Step 2: FLEX collects up to 43 demographic and psychographic data points per registered user

Step 3: Users see a series of highly targeted display ads which leverage robust 1st party consumer profiles, which include everything from HHI to home ownership to marital status and more.

Want to see what the power of display can do for you, free of charge?
Connect with us here and mention this post to inquire about your $100 display credit. *Terms apply.

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