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Buying call transfers? How about $100 worth of free inbound calls from FLEX? FLEX recently started generating inbound calls via our internal click-to-call SMS and push capabilities. First, some stats on inbound calls. On average, they: Close at 4-5 times the rate of outbound calls Close at 15 times the

Looking to buy mobile traffic to your website or generate inbound calls? SMS marketing could be the answer. FLEX’s SMS team is giving away $100 in free SMS traffic! FLEX specializes in generating high quality traffic with our internal SMS capabilities. First, let’s take a look at some key SMS

Volume down because your publishers lost Yahoo? Get $100 worth of free email traffic from FLEX. First, some stats. On average, email marketing has: 6x clickthrough rate compared to organic social media engagement 40x customer acquisition rate compared to social channels So, how does FLEX ensure inbox deliverability? We send

Interested in testing first party display traffic? Want to get $100 in display ad credits from FLEX? FLEX specializes in generating traffic through its robust display advertising capabilities. So, what are the benefits of this tried-and-true digital marketing method? On average, display ads provide: Multi-screen and multi-channel engagement capabilities Flexible

Digital advertising is constantly hitting the ‘refresh’ button on its methods, from new ad formats to targeting capabilities to multi-channel utilization. While modern tactics help move digital advertising forward, it’s important to acknowledge the value of display ads, a principal advertising format used for over 25 years. And the prevalence

Rewind to Spring 2019 and Emma Parven joined FLEX as a Sales and Account Manager. Now, three years later, Emma has transitioned from her initial role to Senior Sales and Marketing Account Executive, and is now currently serving as Senior Director of Business Development. With her strong leadership and interpersonal

Between listening to music, communicating, ordering food, purchasing travel tickets and more, mobile apps unlock access to innovation, ease, and insight. And the numbers don’t lie: 87% of smartphone users spend their mobile usage on apps, according to Techjury. As the market is inundated with new additions, marketers are recognizing

Between Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) feature to Google’s plan to eliminate third-party cookies, data privacy initiatives have experienced significant acceleration in the last few years. Advertisers have had to swiftly pivot their existing strategies, sourcing and executing privacy-safe alternatives. So, what’s the most effective way to go about targeting

If one thing can be said about companies looking to remain profitable during the pandemic, it’s that agility is key. Many sectors have been affected including the performance marketing space. It is more important than ever that performance marketers focus on their customer’s needs and curate targeted content from trending