Why Email is The Best Place to Put Your Ad Spend

Last year, iVend Retail revealed that 63% of consumers cite email as their preferred channel of communication with retailers. Yet, business owners know all too well how difficult it can be to effectively target and reach the world’s base of 4 billion email users. Successfully hitting the inbox and converting the 80% of Americians who will check their email today requires a fine tuned strategy, one that FLEX has spent the last 15 years perfecting. 

Below, we’ll discuss our top four tips for capitalizing on the most powerful marketing tool in your toolkit.

Optimize on Mobile for Big Results 

75% of consumers are reading marketing emails on their phone. Thus, ensuring that the email and web experience are flawless for both the user sitting at their desk and the user waiting in line at Starbucks is critical. In fact, Adestra found that an email that’s displayed incorrectly on mobile is deleted within three seconds – a waste of a precious open. There’s high potential that your ROI on mobile traffic is greater than that of your desktop traffic — email conversion has risen by as much as 70% for mobile in the last five years. In order to truly get the most out of your email strategy, start thinking mobile-first. 

Avoid Fatigue

3 in 5 email users say that they check their email several times a day, so while the odds of a consumer seeing your email are in your favor if you’re able to inbox, turning that into a conversion and ensuring that they don’t hit unsubscribe is a separate hurdle. Email marketing is most effective when you have a team dedicated to strategically testing, ensuring compliance, and segmenting users based on gender, geography, behavior, and other identifying factors. Finally, consistently refreshing creatives will reduce fatigue and boost click through rates. 

Practice Rigorous Data Hygiene

We recommend removing people from your lists who haven’t opened an email from you in the last two weeks (or haven’t opened any of your 3-4 most recent emails). The more engaged your list, the better your deliverability will be, and you won’t waste messages on users who are no longer interested in your product. 74% of consumers cite frustration in being fed promotions that have nothing to do with their interests, so ensuring that you’re serving emails only to those that they’re best tailored to and are removing subscribers accordingly is one of the best ways to generate positive ROI. 

Email users aren’t going anywhere 

78% of email users say that they’re confident that their email usage will continue at its current pace or that their usage will increase throughout the next five years. Furthermore, in light of COVID-19 and economic uncertainty, analysts predict that the global email marketing market will hit $7.5 Billion this year as businesses are forced to solidify reliance on online traffic to survive. Email users aren’t going anywhere, so the time to make them a focus is now.

Paying mind to the 63% of consumers who cite email as their preferred channel of communication as well as the online boom that coincides with the upcoming holiday season and COVID-19, now is the time to act. If you need a little help getting started, you may want to consider buying email traffic from a veteran in the space. Shoot us a note at support@flexmg.com to learn more.

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