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Build A Marketing Program

Flex’s expertise spans all areas of direct response marketing. This includes offering innovative advertising formats, campaign setup, quality assurance and trafficking, as well as insight from reporting and research. Our team of campaign managers offers full-service solutions for your business. No matter how broad or narrow your needs, our team is here to help you achieve your marketing goals, step by step.

Creative and Website Development

Our web designers have long and strong backgrounds in both offline and online direct marketing media channels. Using a healthy mix of time tested and current creative concepts, we create advertisements and build websites that convert your visitors into paying customers. Our analytics experts are adept at multivariable testing to optimize and improve customer satisfaction, increase conversion rates, and maximize your ROI.

Brand Loyalty Programs

Let us build a road map to help identify who your customers are and how they interact with your brand. We can work with your marketing team to develop a customer retention strategy aimed at solidifying customer relationships and growing repeat purchases. The result is a solid base of loyal customers communicating with you on an ongoing basis.


Multivariable optimization is one of the best ways to increase revenue, decrease costs, and improve your customer’s experience. Flex can bring significant increases to your website conversion rates by testing and optimizing your page design, content, submission forms, headlines, graphics, and more. We drive enough traffic to your website – in A/B test fashion – to find the winning combination of website variables that will ultimately result in more sales and profits for your business.

AD1 Exchange

Introducing FLEX’s new AD1 Exchange, the premium platform for digital advertising.


Maximize revenue from your online content. We’’ll push your clicks to the highest bidder.


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