Stop buying lousy traffic that doesn’t back out.

Flex can help by placing your ads in front of potential customers when they check their email. We own and operate 30+ websites with over 40 million email subscribers. By featuring your ads in our newsletters or deploying them in dedicated emails, we can guarantee that your message will reach your target audience!

  • Newsletter Sponsorship

  • Dedicated Email

  • Display In Email

How it Works

  • Budget

    Tell us what you want to pay.

  • Target

    We’ll work together to identify your target demo: Gender, Age, Income, Location, and more.

  • Build

    Supply us with a piece of creative or let us design a piece for you.

  • Deploy

    Our deployment team works hard to deliver your message to the inbox, where it can be seen by your audience.

  • Optimize

    Measure which ad units, creatives types and audience segments yield the highest value, lowest cost traffic to your website.

  • Scale

    With millions of unique actions occurring daily, we can help you grow your business in a big way.

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