FLEX Lead Ads is a customer acquisition platform that helps marketers grow audience and initiate sales for their business. Thousands of companies rely on FLEX Lead Ads for generating high-quality, exclusive, opt-in leads for their businesses, all on a CPL (cost per lead) basis.

Interactive Surveys

FLEX hosts hundreds of interactive survey websites that collectively generate hundreds of thousands of registrations/daily. Registration information consists of Name, Email, Postal Address, Phone, Gender, and Date of Birth.

Customer ID

Made possible by Flex’s proprietary, patent-pending, Customer ID™ technology, we show your ads only to the people you care about. When we create your ad in FLEX Lead Ads, you’ll have the opportunity to target your ad to people based on their location and demographics like age, gender and interests.

Ad Serving

As users pass through our websites, they affirmatively opt-in to your full page ad unit (i.e. answer YES to your ad), and you only pay for the people who subscribe to your offering.

Data Validation & Verification

In real-time, we put our full suite of data hygiene services to work in order to clean, validate and verify your customer leads before they are posted to your systems. Our process ensures maximum email deliverability rates, postal rate discounts, and phone call contacts, leading to overall increased response rates and return on ad spend.

Real Time Customer Data Post

When users opt-in, we post in real-time the customer’s name, email, phone, address, age, and/or gender, enabling immediate triggering of your company’s CRM programs.

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