Pay-For-Performance Online Advertising

FLEX’s AD1 Exchange is an online performance-based marketing platform that connects Advertisers with prospective new customers, in real-time, via our proprietary CPC bidding system. The AD1 Exchange is the ideal forum for Advertisers looking to buy high volumes of high quality traffic.

Reach Your Target Audience

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  • Choose your target audience.
  • Connect with potential customers through email, display, question path and social media.
  • Test to find the best performing HTML, ad copy, and landing pages.

Manage Your Ad Spend

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  • Work with a dedicated Account Manager to set and manage your campaigns.
  • Set your daily budgets, place your bids, and your dedicated Account Manager will help you achieve your CPA goals.
  • Make adjustments to the amount you desire to pay per click in real-time.

Concerned About Performance? Don't Worry.

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  • Our algorithms optimize based on performance by serving ads with the highest probability to convert.
  • All clicks are reviewed and routed based on quality filters.
  • Be confident in displaying your ads and pay only for results.

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