What’s It Like
Working At FLEX?

FLEX is just getting started as we lead the charge into our next growth phase. We spend our time creating strategic partnerships with great companies to connect people to the brands and products they love. There’s never been a more exciting time to set the future of FLEX in motion.

Move Fast

Connecting people, building community and bringing the world closer together happens in real time. Our teams are small and nimble. We work quickly and collaboratively to build smarter, more meaningful solutions on a global scale.

Be Bold

We’re determined to build a better, more connected world for everyone. From engineers to designers and marketers, we empower the people to make an impact. When you’re in charge of making a difference, there’s no limit to what you can do.

"You will learn how companies make money on the Internet. And if you're driven, hard-working, and motivated, there's no limit as to what you can take on. "

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"Worked at FLEX 4 years. My role and salary grew each year. I branched out into different business units which was great. CEO had an open door policy. I brought ideas directly to him which he respected and utilized. "

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"There is an enormous opportunity to make money at FLEX Marketing Group. All of the resources are available for employees to create lucrative careers for themselves in an industry with a lot of potential."

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Just a Few of the Perks

Continuous Learning

Grow skills with our personal training program, as well as online classes.

Staying Fueled

We offer healthy snack options to keep you fueled. Working late? Order dinner on us with a company Seamless account.

Healthcare and Transit

FLEX provides comprehensive health insurance, 401(k) contributions, and pre-tax commuter benefits.

Pooch Perks

FLEX’s dog-friendly workplace embraces the idea that dogs have the ability to lift moods, improve happiness and reduce stress.

We’re Hiring!

Business Development Manager

Identify potential business partners, qualify technical specs and quantify opportunities in digital advertising and marketing.

Media Buyer

Join our growing team that focuses on buying high volume, high quality traffic for our portfolio of owned and operated websites.

Operations Manager

Be on the front lines of planning, reporting, analyzing, optimizing and scaling large-volume, big dollar media companies for a digital media powerhouse.

Marketing Analyst

Perform research and provide insights to make informed decisions about our rapidly growing community of subscribers

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