Lost in the bevy of articles lamenting the continued decline in Black Friday retail foot traffic, is the surging stats for online holiday sales.  Talk about burying the lead.  According to Abode, which recently released its 2016 online shopping data for Black Friday and Thanksgiving Day, total online holiday sales hit a record-breaking $3.34 Billion.  And when you start digging deeper into the numbers, the news looks even brighter for companies using email to grow audiences and acquire customers, as email represented a whopping 18% of the pie. It’s hard to overstate the continued importance of email when you consider that email traffic’s percent share of online sales as measured against Display 1.2% and Social 0.9%, respectively. To paraphrase the great Mark Twain reports of email’s death have been greatly exaggerated.

See more at: http://news.adobe.com/press-release/marketing-cloud/media-alert-adobe-data-shows-black-friday-breaks-online-sales-record-3