In exciting M&A news, FLEX is thrilled to congratulate Arbor and Circulate, two of our valued partners, on having been acquired by LiveRamp.  The completion of the acquisition, as reported by MediaPost, effectively “doubles LiveRamp’s publisher partnerships to more than 450”.  Meaning that not only will LiveRamp – and their customers – benefit from the technology and talent that Arbor and Circulate have amassed, but they’ll also be able to immediately leverage all of these additional publishers and channels to expand their reach.

As LiveRamp’s president and general manager fittingly noted, the “acquisitions both increase our deterministic reach and give us the ability to help all publishers tap into people-based marketing budgets.”  Great news for all sides.  And a real testament to the great business being done by the talented teams over at Arbor and Circulate.  Contact us if you’d like an intro to our friends at LiveRamp to find out how they can help you bolster your digital business.